"Ike Ivery" Family Reunion Song - Whisper A Prayer



Whisper a Prayer in the Mornin'!

       Whisper a Prayer at Noon.....

       Whisper a Prayer in the Evening 
            Just to keep your heart in Tune....

Cuttin' Aaron Sellers January 8th,1918~November 2nd, 2008

My Cousin Aaron Sellers! Sang this song along with our Family a long time ago! Every since then we been singing this Song with him in the Lead at every Ike Ivery Family Reunion on Banquet Night. Even tho' Cousin Aaron is gone now, we still continue this Tradition on. He left a long and mighty Legacy for the Ivery's. He will be remembered the most from a lot of us for this Song. So we now Proudly boast this as our "Family Song!"

Whenever my heart is full or I have to take my mind and spirit to another place to get through some of my research, Whisper a Prayer is there to soothe the Soul . It's a cloak, a quilt, a afghan to our Souls. It brings out the "Bent" in us and keeps us Safe. Singing a little bit of this Song will make your day and Soul go little bit better. 

We Ivery's are Grateful. We don't sing  quite like Cuttin' Aaron does , but it's close. I'll have to find a recording of the Ivery's singing. I hope to update later on that.


  1. Wow, To God be the Glory for you my Sister... May God's ever-so-sufficient Grace keep you and his favor forever shadow over you and those in your passing!

    1. You were my Blessing in Disguise. Thank you Brother! STop by anytime. You were very Gracious!