Heritage Books for Genealogical Research

What other Tools do you have in your  Genealogy Backpack? 

One for me! Is my Heritage Book Volume 6 for Bullock County, Alabama

My True Roots
Heritage Book of Bullock County, Alabama. 2011

It helps me so much in learning about the County my Family of Slaves and where Generations stayed put. Even through Migration and moving back. Why some left? Why some stayed

It's gives a Biographical Insight from the time when Bullock County, Alabama was established in December of 1866 until 2004. It has so many pictures and family histories and each little Community within the Towns in the County. 

My family is from the area known as Antioch and Mt. Coney

This Heritage Book was bought back a few years ago for me. Through Heritage Publishing. At the time in 2011 when I ordered it was on sale for 35.00, it was originally 65.00. I called that a bargain!  I could keep it, own and have readily available to me any given moment. It's a Source for me to back up other Sources. 

  I had no where to turn Online for my town of Midway within Bullock County, Alabama.

Most of the genealogical records have been ordered by someone picking them up for me. Ordering through ADAH. Alabama Department of Archives and History. Or going through my Mentor the President of the Bullock County Historical SocietyMr. Dean Spratlin.
I take 2 trips a year. In October and  Summer. Sometimes it's on a whim because of a funeral or family gathering. Even on those sad occasions, I bring something back from the Courthouse or a new Cemetery headstone find. 

I'm still playing catch up. I think I'm doing pretty good for my Ancestral Hometown being able to do location research. 

Europe is another story which I'll mention below.

Midway, Bullock County, Alabama is very Important to my research. It's where my Slave family started. A lot of those records are in this Courthouse and you must do on site research. I can't stress that enough. I have gathered much information from there whereas otherwise I wouldn't of got from Ordering or doing Online research. This County was formed in 1866 and they are just getting up to par on digital technology for most of their records. There are still those gems you won't find, anywhere unless you are there. 

Midway, Alabama is a small close nit Community. It's a sleepy town. It's in Bullock County, the county seat is in Union Springs. It's Population was over 200,000 people in its heyday. On June 27, 2001 census recorded from this book, the Population was 11,714. The land area is about 625 square miles. 

My True Roots
Map of Bullock County, 2004.

You can see a bit of Bullock County, Midway, Alabama in my Documentary here: Granddaddy Ike's Story to True! 

This was never done before in my Family. I went on a 3 day trip with my Filmmaker Susan Soble of Family Line Video. To record all the Important and Catalyst Icons of my Family History. Plus I got a bonus and got my family to do some Oral History Interviews. That is how I got started in Genealogy. My Oral History Interviews turned into Research which in turn led me to what we know as Genealogy

 Most of it's records are what I like to call On site Research. I haven't even counted all the hours of research I've had to spend there in Union Springs Courthouse. It's been with a lot of Joy and I look forward to always returning with a pair of new eyes. 

I would check the site out, you might be able to find a Heritage Book that is very detailed on a location you just might be researching. Many profiles of the family's that have lived there over time. I'm always amazed at the Surname List in the back of the book for reference. Many are my Family. There's Native Americans that were there during the time. War service. All the buildings that were built even down to the Jail and Post office. Distilleries and such.

Now Im Off to Cuckney, Nottinghamshire England!!. 

I have to learn and concentrate and find all I can on my 6th Great Grandmother Sarah Hinde.

Born in 1702. She died 1770 in St. Mary's Maryland. She is married to William Watson where my Irish comes in! 

My Irish Eyes are Showing

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Best Regards, True!  🍀 

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