48 Slaves of Barna Ivey #3

This is my 3rd Installment of the Will & Appraisement Record for Barna Ivey recorded in Macon County, Alabama 1855

It's a breakdown of the Slaves he owned. Their Names....

This is to help. For one day their Descendants will come to find them. To let them know they weren't thought of as the Property there are in this Will. To let them know they are People

 As Family

If you haven't read the Beginning or Post of the "48 Slaves of Barna Ivey" You can click below for the previous pieces. 

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I will Continually post the Picture of the page from the Will & Appraisement Record. For Reference. Then enlarge the part we are in  reference for. 

I'm not able to read all the Names.

My True Roots
Slaves of Barna Ivey 

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This is hard work for me. I'm not a Academic or  Scholar. So I will try to write and explain as best as I can. Please forgive me. 
Charge it to my Mind and not my Heart. 
I'm doing this in the best capacity as I know how.

For this Piece I will list the 15 Names, Ages and Value of the Ivey Slaves:

Appraisements of the following Negroes to wit:

My True Roots
15 Slaves of Barna Ivey 

Charles:      a Man   22 years  1700.00

Addison:     a Man   24 years   900.00

Joe:*              a Man   68 years   300.00

Clara:          a Woman  30 years  400.00

Tempa: *  (Temperance)  a  Girl   9 years   330.00

Ciril: *        (Civil)   a Girl            6 years   450.00

Emaline:    a Woman   45 years   500.00

Sella:           a  Girl               16 years   950.00

Lucinda:     a  Girl                  8 years   500.00

Lou Ann:    a  Girl                    ? years   450.00

Early:          a   Boy                   7 years   500.00

Peter:          a   Boy                  5 years   400.00

Wesley:      a   Boy                  3 years   300.00

Almira *       ?                     7 months     150.00

Henrietta:  a  Girl                  12 years    800.00

I wasn't able to decipher 3 of the 15 Slaves names.

This Estate file has many Dates. I will go by the date for now as to what I can see. 

This only furthers my curiosity as to their ages and when they were possibly born? For Instance, Joe is 68 years old......and a 7 month old baby only worth 150.00 Dollars?

Putting him possibly in the 1780 time frame.  
Ivey's have a long history with Slavery.

After Post #4, I will give a Summary of my Thoughts and Questions about these Slaves with this Family.

I had to break the Will & Appraisement down into 4 parts to understand it. 

This will make me look further into what was happening for Barna Ivey while he was a child? What led up to him having these Slaves?

Possibly answer what happened to his Estate afterwards?

Where did these Slaves go?

For the 15 Slaves mentioned here. We Speak Your Names.....

Charles. Addison. Joe. Clara. Tempa. Emaline. Sella. Lucinda. Lu Ann. Early. Peter. Wesley. Almira. Henrietta.

 The 3 I haven't been able to decipher the handwriting. Hopefully someone will come along and help me Name you as well.We will hold you in Remembrance as well.

Rest my Dear Slaves....you are always on my mind and in my heart. 

See you all soon for Part 4.

Thanks for following along. 

Best Regards, True!

SideNote: Adjustment for 
Slave 5:     Tampe/Tempe* (Temperance) 
Slave 6:     Ciril/Civil*  
Slave 14:   Almira*

My BlogSisters Cathy & Wendy along with Teresa
 BrotherBlogger TA  after posting. They helped lend their Observations of the Names of 3 Slaves I couldn't decipher, plus Joc/Joe*

Where the * is. 

We are all in consensus with a few others. Until further investigation or knowledge of them comes about. I will account for their Names as we agreed on. 

Collaboration in the Genealogy was much needed. When you look at Documents so long sometimes you can't see straight. This is where the GenCommunity comes in handy. Which is dandy! Personal Thanks to my Geneabloggers for the help with 2nd eyes!

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