48 Slaves of Barna Ivey #2

Lois Emma Ivey

 She was born October 27th, 1839. Died  January 7th, 1926. Buried at Tuskegee City Cemetery. 

She was a Minor in Barna Ivey's will. She is sometimes noted as Emma Lois as well. It can be confusing. This name was used a lot with future generations. For now I can keep them straight.

 I have so much information, that over time I will add to this profile. I don't want the focus to be on the Slave owner. They do provide much insight into the Lives of "My Slaves"  and whom they have been around. The main focus should be on them. I claim them and will do all I can to protect them until their Descendants find them. 

Any Descendant of the Ivey Family is more than welcome to contact me for any of the documents I have received. 

 She was one of the youngest of her Fathers children.  She eventually went on to marry William Walton DuBose, with whom she had 8 children. 

 These Slaves are part of her dowry and inheritance. 

Remember her Brothers Malachi and William, they were Executors of their Father, Barna Ivey's estate after he died. 

In my Records you can see where they account for all her Inheritance when it came time for schooling and supplies. 

Part #1 is here if you missed the 1st Introduction:  Slaves of Barna Ivey 

This File is very detailed, mainly for accounting purposes. 
I can't post them all here.  I'll show an example. 

My True Roots

What I noticed about this Document in the Estate File....it says Midway, Alabama. January 8th, 1859. My Ancestral Hometown where most of my Research is based from. This tells me she was around my actual Slave Family of my Ivery / Ivey Line.

Part of the Will & Appraisement Record Macon County: 1855-1856. States on page 474:

The Following are the Negroes valued and set apart, by Malachi and William Ivey - Executor of Barna Ivey

Also a parted by the legalities of said "   " "  ........in his Last Will and Testament to said; Lois Emma Ivey Daughter of Barna Ivey also.

The Original Document for Visual Purposes 

Abram age 24.           1183.oo

Ann      age 22.            917.00

Jane     age 17.             991.00

Washington ? age 6   463.00

My True Roots
Highlighted Portion of the Will of 4 Slaves Given to Emma Lois Ivey

This Document was part of the Original Will. Just blown up for visual purposes.

I wonder what relationship, if any; of the  4 Slaves is to each other? 

My True Roots
4 Slaves being assigned to Lois Emma Ivey

This Document was in a separate account of the Will for Allowances. It shows On January 1st, 1858 is when it was made Legal. I notice that W. W. Dubose signs.....He is her husband.

 I'm not sure of the reference there? Many questions as to why the husband is signing? 

Did he have Coverture status over her in the State of Alabama?

What were the stipulations of the time when Women received Property? 
Are they solely hers or do they add to the husbands Appraisement? 
Were Emma Lois and William Walton DuBose married at this date? 
Things I have. I just have to look and record. 

This is the Estate File for all my Sources used in this Blog regarding: Emma Lois Ivey DuBose. 

My True Roots
Emma Lois Ivey Estate Case File

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 Thanks for Stopping by. This is part of the SlaveNameRoll Project

At the end of this Project, I will give a Summary of all that I have found and what some of it means? 
I had to break the Will & Appraisement down into 4 parts. 
So I could decipher what was going on when Barna Ivey died. To be able to give you history on his life as a Child, before he owned his Slaves. 

How this all came about.

Hopefully what happened to these Slaves?

You can find more Information for other Slaves at my BlogSister's Blog:  Tangled Roots and Trees!

These Ivey Slaves are added to the 

Slave Name Roll Project.

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