Books for my Descendants ~ Ike Ivery 9th Generation of Grandchildren

These are several "Books" I have Collected and Signed to leave my Grandchildren, My Unborn Readers. My Mother in Law who is lovingly called Nannie Rose started this Tradition with my Sons. So I will Continue. I also leave them a Monetary Gift in the Books. I warned my Sons to go through them all! 

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White 

I only have one Granddaughter so far. She is the LOVE I never knew I had within ME. Grandchildren have a Special place in your Heart. They are not in a Place as your Children. That 7 year old Grandbaby of mine, her being is an extension of Me. I see beyond my own Children and see my Future well into Time. She makes me mindful of what I have to do in my Genealogy work. As I'm getting older she is starting to develop interest. I know I have a companion now for Cemetery Hopping as well. She's a Genie in Training. 

My True Roots
Grandchildren Books

This means my Legacy will Go on.

My Legacy JSK
My Son & His Daughter, Puddin'.

It's One of those Days where I get sidetracked from my Ancestors and have to remind myself of why I'm doing my Family History. 

My True Roots
Me & Puddin with SGT Audie L. Murphy. Arlington National Cemetery. 

after my  Geneabloggers Interview!: "May I Introduce To You" me thinking on the Reason why I do; what I do

Just another NoTe To MySeLf........

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