William Ivery ~ 7th Child ~ Son of Ike Ivery

William Ivery 

He was the 7th Child out of 23 Children for Ike Ivery
This Branch of Granddaddy Ike is my hardest diverse, complexing Lineage, the least I have on the Ivery-Henry Line. Over time I'll post as much as I can on each of the 4 Children with Mary Henry

My True Roots
William Ivery son of Ike Ivery Death Certificate

 He was born to Ike Ivery and Mary Henry, Ike's 2nd wife. Married January 2nd, 1899. They had 4 children. 

William ~  Charles ~ Annie ~ Dock

 He was most likely named after Ike Ivery's Father seen here:  "William Ivey/Ivery " born about 1817. 

 It gave us clue as to who his Father was later in my research. 

William is also a naming pattern in our Family. It was of Importance to Granddaddy Ike. 
It gave us clue as to who his Father was later in my research. I can see it in several other names of his grandchildren for Remembrance

When William Ivery was born on May 15, 1890, in Midway, Alabama; his father Ike, was 37 and his mother, Mary, was 34. 

He was married to the former Eloise Tarver

William and Eloise had 9 children together. 

He died August 21st, 1944 in Union Springs, Alabama, at the age of 53. 

What distressed me about his Death Certificate was the fact by this year my Family Church and Cemetery were very well established. 

It didn't note that he was buried at Mt. Coney Baptist Church. 

Plus this was during World War 2. Anne Frank had been captured that August. He was a much older Gentleman to Serve. 

During his year of Death the Town was getting a day by day account in the Union Springs Herald every week of what was going on with the Soldiers that were O'ver there. 

This Book I received from my Mentor Mr. Spratlan is called: In Freedom's Name: The War Years 1941-1945 World War 2 Bullock County Veterans

Signed Copy from Mr. Spratlan 

 It gives a look into the Community and the County during this time from students and family members also compiled with Articles from the Herald. 

My Grandfather James E. Lewis is Listed in this book. It had the Colored Troops in this book as well as the Whites in the County. 

In the back of the book is a the Soldier's and Sailors Discharge Records. It's a Index for the County Soldiers Discharge Record Book and what Page they are on. Their DD214 page. 

There are 6 Ivery's in this book and a couple of other variations.  

It was put together in 1996 by the Union Springs Bullock County Tourism Council.

 275 Pages of Genealogical Gems. 

1900 Would been his 2nd Census. Right now I can't find a fragmented Census or Page for Bullock County, Alabama for 1890. He would of been a wee baby. 

1910 just before his Marriage he was 20 Years Old. 

 William Ivery was 30 years old and lived in Midway, Alabama with his wife, Eloise, and 2 daughters.

He was living at Route 2 / Box 153 in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama.


He was living on Pine Grove Road in Midway, Alabama. The census asked; on Page 11. What age were you when you first got Married? He states 21. Putting his Marriage around 1911. Which I haven't found his Marriage License as of yet. He is owning his Land and they also ask if he has a "radio set"? Answer: No.

1930 Census Bullock County, Midway Ala for William & Eloise Ivery

Source Citation
Year: 1930; Census Place: Midway, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: 3; Page: 6A;Enumeration District: 0003; Image: 49.0; FHL microfilm: 2339738

Every reunion I'm hoping someone will come up with a picture of my Uncle William to share. In Pittsburgh this July when we hold our Reunion in Honor of Granddaddy Ike, we have a Lighting Ceremony for all 23 children. 

I will be looking to see if someone steps up to the Light in his Remembrance.

I'll be looking......waiting and watching.

Lighting Ceremony in Remembrance

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