How Many Ancestors does My True Roots have?

True's Rooted Tree

Ancestry has this Diagram of how many Grandparents you should have to the 10th Generation........

Well, Howdy Dowdy! 

My Tree is a Rambuctious Painstaking Work in Progress!

How's your Tree Doing?

Of Course I have Parents! For Privacy Sake. I will leave them and add Grandparents Last Names. 

Parents:  2
My Dad & My Momma! 

Grandparents: 4  
Lewis ~ Miles ~  Sweigard ~ Johnson

Great Grandparents: 8
Lewis - Ivery - Miles - Daniel - Sweigard - Evans - Johnson - Watson

2nd Great Grandparents: 16

My True Roots
14 of my 16 2nd Great Grandparents

3rd Great Grandparents: 32

 .I have 22 of 32.

4th Great Grandparents: 64
I have 28 of 64 names

5th Great Grandparents: 128! 

6th Great Grandparents: 256

7th Great Grandparents: 512

Anna Maria  Bobenmyer Bessemer Barrick  Turrin Zimmerman

8th Great Grandparents: 1,024

9th Great Grandparents: 2,048

10th Great Grandparents: 4,096

I have about 1600 people so far.

After the 5th Great Grandparents, I got tired of writing. I pooped out!

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Let me know how your doing? 
Throw me a few Suggestions!

I don't Mind.....

My Tree needs the Shade


  1. ednafinklea@yahoo.comTuesday, May 17, 2022

    I have followed you members, mostly on BlackProGen Live, where you always give encouraging advice. Thank you and keep up the good. I miss the blog.