Queen Daniel Miles "SKILLET and The FLOUR SIFTER"

I was so ELATED Today! I'm always renewing my Strength through the smallest things in Life to Blog.

I'm part of a Tribe! The AAGSAR Tribe African American Genealogy & Slave Research

We are a small closed Group on Facebook working on 3 Objectives:

1. Research Skill Development
2. Technology Integration
3. Migrating Family Research Online

Today we got mentioned by: Diane Haddad at Family Tree Magazine

You can read more about us from "Our Principal"  Luckie Daniels at:  Our Georgia Roots
with a quote from my Dear Friend and Tribe Member Kristin she blogs at Finding Eliza

It got me Hyped and Ready about our Blog Fest on January 5th, 2014! at 11:59pm.

 I was doing the "Happy Dance" and "Tooting" my Horn! I was so Happy she mentioned our Blog's along with so many of my Tribe Members who get me through the day. 

It was TRULY wonderful and I Appreciated so Much!

We also have a "Brick Slayer Challenge" at AAGSAR! We are trying to knock some of our Walls  down. For me, some of them I have put up by not thinking methodically and having a plan. Asking myself questions to get around the Wall.

It got me to thinking of a picture I posted a year ago!  So For 2014,  when I glance over from my sink.  I see that black skillet from my Grandma Queen and Mom's flour sifter, as she would say "go down there and get my "Siffa"!

I'm gonna use that as my muse and metaphor to get me through those days. I'm gonna "SIFT" through a lot of records and books. I'm gonna use that skillet to  KNOCK those Brick Walls in my mind, down with a Mighty blow!  That's what I'm gonna Do!
Grandma Queen's skillet and Mom's Sifter
Great Grandma Queen Daniel was born on a Saturday. January 16, 1892. Her nickname was "Lil Bit". She was small but had a STRONG presence. Her Daughter which is my Mom and Grandmom at the same time,was named "Tinnie". In the South it's said: Tiny.  She is my Father's Grandmother.

So LiL Bit had a Tiny (Tinnie), another Story.

I knew my Grandma Queen. I remember her shuffling around in shoes that look like they were Danish.  She was old when I was a little girl. I never said much to her. Few words were spoken between us. I spoke with Poppa Sam Miles who is her Husband and followed him around everywhere like a shadow. They were married May 11th, 1911. They had 10 children together.
Her Father was George Daniel and her Mother was Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Jordan. They say she was a BlackFoot Indian, but she looks African to ME! Mom called her a "Pistol Witch".  I'll talk on that later!
My 2nd Great Grandma Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jordan Daniel

From what I can tell they all were born in Alabama. Grandma Queen is buried at Antioch Baptist Church, in Bullock County, Alabama, she passed away on August 11, 1977.

Grandma Queen's Obit

 I was heartbroken and so was my Mom Tinnie. I didn't feel like that again until Mom passed November 11, 2008.  I knew her pain that day.

So every time I look over and see that Ol'Swifter and Black Skillet, I'm reminded of what I got to do!
Here's to BRICKSLAYING! and Grandma Queen and her Daughter Tinnie for reminding me to do what "I gotta Do"! Ancestor Work!