Family ChartMasters • 7 Generations.

Family ChartMasters

My Family Honors The Life of  Ike Ivery our Ol'Slave. 

His Parents

His 3 Wives 

Mary Haynes • Mary Henry • Berta Hatcher


 23 Children 

We gather every 2 years since the 70's for a Family Reunion
Our next one will be held in Orlando, Florida. 2017.

I love looking for different Genealogy Products that will make my Family History Research work stand out.  I'm always looking for something detailed and special for my Family. 

This is where Family ChartMasters comes in for my Family. 
I had this Family Chart made by:

I attended Rootstech 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I made my Appointment to meet with a Consultant 2 weeks in advance. I met Ms. Janet on a Thursday at 4:20 pm at their Booth.  We discussed and went over ideas I had on how we could make this Chart come to life. This is the end product of what I had in mind.

I was able to choose every detail on this chart. It was very personalized. It came out to have a total of 35 Pictures. A Bible Verse. Trimming, Edging and Sepia Background. The size is 
24 x 36 in stature. 

There is no Limit to what you can do for your Chart. 

My Chart is on File so I can always go back as New Information needs to be added or corrections. For future references I can go back to reorder.  

 It arrived fast and in a Shipping Tube. Which came with directions on how to preserve and retrieve it from the tubing.  If you fill out a Survey for them, they donate a 1$ to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. 

They were very patient with me in getting all the Details from my Tree I keep on  

I had a few revisions and they worked with every move I made. Next is to shop for a frame.  I'm excited about Presenting this to the Family. 

It feels so good to see all that I have come from. From a Man named William born in 1812. To Pudding in 2007

7 Generations

As a little girl, I would hear everyone say names of Importance being related to Charlemagne or a President, or they came from here and there. Well, I have that too. 

I Present to you the Ivery's!

This is our Legacy.

I can't even express my Thanks to Family ChartMasters and their Staff for making this Masterpiece for me. It will be cherished for a Centuries to come. Thank you for all your patience, kindness and professionalism through the whole process.  

On behalf of my Family, we the Ivery's.
 We appreciate this Gift

Wherefore by their Fruits, Ye shall know Them.
Matthew 7:20

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