Family Heirlooms • Oil Wick Lamps

My True Roots

My True Roots

It's a lot of fun photographing and preserving my Memories with these Heirlooms pieces started by my Blog Sister Jeanne! This is a Great way to preserve the Memories and History of the items you have passed down from family. Here I can always look at them for later in case anyone from the family ask, Where did that go?

Well...Here it is. 

I keep these on a kitchen shelf. The glass is thick and heavy and very colorful. There are wicks in them and a turn handle which is just for decorative purposes. Made in Hong Kong. Not sure how Mom acquired these? 

I don't think they were used. It's just nice to know someone tried to replicate a Wick Lamp from the past into a small modern piece. They have been in my childhood home since I was little. I'm surprised it wasn't something I broke. I'll tell you a little secret. I use to play with these too. 

 Just another Keepsake I decided to keep and take home with me and turned into a Heirloom

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Do you have any Oil Lamps with Wicks?

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