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My True Roots
My True Roots Easter Bunny

I had to place this on my Blog. I don't know if something will happen to it. It's getting very fragile.  My Easter Bunny.

I made this at Tri- Community Elementary School. I remember having to bring the toilet paper roll. Everything else like the eyes, pipe cleaners along with the decorations and Easter Grass were provided. 

Somehow Mom managed to maintain and keep it. I do remember as I got Older when Mom would set the Dining Room table she would use this as a Centerpiece as I have done here in my Home many times.

I'm so glad this was saved and I can pass it on. So to my future Descendants this is what Granny made in Elementary school as a Easter Project to take home to my Mommie for Easter

We were always making special gifts to make for our Parents in the 70's at school. 

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My Easter Bunny...

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