My Colorful Ancestry

My True Roots 5 Generational Birth Chart

My Genealogy Blogger Buddy

 J. Paul Hawthorne of GeneaSpy! 🕵🏽

Thought of this Idea about making a Chart on where our Ancestors Births occured starting with ourselves. He made a Colorful Chart and posted on Facebook and before you knew it! We all went Ballistic!

 I want ONE! So there you have it. An idea made to the Public went spreading all over the Internet like a Fire! 

Here's a Story on how this All got Started!

A Little Thing that went Viral!

Join in on the FUN! Make your Generational Chart. I've seen Countries I haven't seen before. 

It's fun to see how far and near our Ancestors went.

I love seeing the Pennsylvania and Alabama births. You know I have got to ASK! Where are yours from?

My Pennsylvania Direct Maternal line goes pretty far back and then into the Old Country. Strong ties in Pennsylvania

Don't forget to use #MyColorfulAncestry on Social Media! You will see other beautiful Charts from all over the World. 

Click this Link to the Excel for your Personal Colorful Ancestry

Where is your Colorful Ancestry from?

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